Story that does not pass Google Adsense [0 points]


I can’t pass Google Adsense …

I applied for Google Adsense the other day

As a result, it failed …

I don’t know why the content is of poor quality or it was too early to sign up in the first place.
Perhaps the fact that the Amazon link is stuck on it may have given Google a bad impression.

There is a reason to put the Amazon link petapeta.
Of course, I’d be happy if I could make a profit, but if I don’t make more money than that, I can’t use the API.

It seems that if you can use the API, you can add some nice ads (although it is an ad after all)

So, I was forced to put up an advertisement by twisting something related to it.

How to pass

In fact, Adsense has passed in the past.
I didn’t expect to fail because I passed the blog service and other wordpress blogs easily.
Certainly this blog is a diary, so you may not think much about the reader.

I mainly take pictures of my life with my cat, and sometimes I only review manga and videos.

However, if you fail, you will definitely want to pass!
I would be grateful if you could tell me a little more about why it’s not good, but first of all, I have to increase the number of people who come from search.
However, I have never run a blog that hits with search so much.

First of all, you have to put in an SEO tool so that the SEO tool can say”This article is pretty good”.
By the way, I put in a plugin called rank math SEO.
With cocoon, the theme is mostly about SEO, so you only have to check the content of the article.

However, none of the tools are for Japan, aren’t they?
I’ve tried various things in the past, but it’s clear that English is easier to clear, such as how to count letters.

Even now I’m writing such a thing, I’m writing while glancing at the tool, but I can’t pass it at all …
I set the focus keyword to”Adsense”, but if I don’t open one line, it’s useless, and if I look at it, it will be a strange sentence.

It is impossible to clear this topic for a moment w
Let’s think about a topic that can be written properly.

It’s amazing that bloggers can write long sentences even for small things.
I’ll do my best to get around 2000 characters.