I’m addicted to Ameba Blog


Ameba Blog

Even if you are just starting out on Ameba Blog, quite a few people will come.
Isn’t it a bot? You might think, but it’s probably not a bot because it also pushes the like button.
I don’t know if the internal tagging feature is inconvenient or useful, but it’s shared not only on my blog, but on the entire Ameba blog, so I think some people will follow it. ..

Narrow customization of Ameba Blog

Ameba blog is much less customized than wordpress.
I can’t use javascript.
I managed to make a header menu with CSS etc. and played with it.

But that’s interesting.
I’m wondering what to do in a miniature garden game, but in a one-way game it’s like getting a treasure.
Regardless of the design sense of the site, I feel that 50% of the customization that can be done with Ameba Blog.

という訳でヘッダーを作ってみたいと思いますとは言ったものの、DOMも新たに増やせないし、どうやって作るのだろうか。とりあえず検索してみよう。「アメブロ ヘッダ…

I forcibly implemented the header, changed the layout of the headline, the appearance of the article part, etc.
With WordPress, it’s possible to change the appearance of each article, but this binding game is fun.
It may be nice to see the goal somehow.

Ameba blog is also devised in various ways

Shops that are affiliates or sell skills are linked to the Ameba Blog and are designed to be as comfortable as possible.
I think there is a similar site for selling skills, but it is convenient because you can create it with the same account.

After that, I like the fact that people will come even if I ignore SEO and write.
This blog also ignores the writing part of SEO, but that’s because people don’t come.
If you continue for a long time, it will change, but at least with the domain power of this blog now, it is rare for people to come by search.

Actually, it was a strategy to guide me to this blog well with Ameba Blog, but I was caught in the trap of CyberAgent.
However, I feel that I have enjoyed it all the time, so I will update this blog as well.

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