I tried to sell for the first time


For the first time, I was selling my skills for a fee. Of course, it hasn’t sold yet, and I don’t know if it will.

Will you buy it?

I started blogging on Ameba Blog to collect backlinks, but it’s so much fun that I might become the center of Ameba Blog.

Ameba Blog is a fun point
・ People will see you even though you have just started
・ It’s interesting because customization is limited.

The second one may be cramped for those who blog on WordPress, but it’s interesting because it immediately gives off a strange aura even within Ameba Blog.

Looking at the functions of Ameba Blog …

Ameba has many restrictions.
Especially for affiliates, you can’t put a link on your own, and it will take you to Ameba Block.
Whatever the alternative, there are affiliates that can be done within Ameba Blog.

I think that CyberAgent will be exploited, but I have no complaints because I am doing it for free.
Above all, it is interesting because there are many people who look at it.

Looking at such a function, there was a paid sale of skills.
I have never sold note for a fee.
The walls are high, but it looks interesting.

That’s why I got into CyberAgent’s plan and started paying sales.
Two were on sale.
It seems that it has not been released as a product yet, so I will add the URL when it is released as a product.

アメブロの簡単なカスタマイズに対応します by casitanさん - REQU [リキュー]
REQU は、得意なコト、好きなコトを商品にして売り買いできるマーケットです。アメブロはjavascriptを使う事は出来ません。よってCSSなどで見た目のカスタマイズになります。出来る事:オリジナルの背景や見出しの装飾などが出来ます。出来ない事:記事の下に毎回同じフッターを挿
wordpressの表示の高速化 by casitanさん - REQU [リキュー]
REQU は、得意なコト、好きなコトを商品にして売り買いできるマーケットです。wordpressで日々、記事を制作している方も多いと思いますが、一番はコンテンツの内容ですが、ページの表示速度も離脱率に関しては重要なファクターになります。ページの表示速度はサーバの応答時間に関して

The latter one tried to sell it on note as well.
The contents are exactly the same.

wordpressで日々、記事を制作している方も多いと思いますが、一番はコンテンツの内容ですが、ページの表示速度も離脱率に関しては重要なファクターになります。 ページの表示速度はサーバの応答時間に関してはどうしょうもないですが、実際に通信が始まり描画をし始めたら必要最低限の部分だけを最初に送る事が重要です。 後は非同...

To be honest, I don’t know where to pay for it rather than selling it.
Of course, people who are familiar with wordpress know it, and I think that people who are watching it are light users.
So if possible, I would be most grateful if Ameba’s custom could be sold.

Ameba is limited in what it can do, so you can rest assured that the range of customs is narrow.
I thought I’d try customizing wordpress for a while, but the range of customs is too wide, so I’m holding it for a while.

WordPress is fun, and Ameba is also fun, so I’m not sure which one to use, but it would be great if I could make some pocket money and meet various people.