Olympic Games [Tokyo 2020]


I’m about to cry at the opening ceremony of the Olympics

I saw the opening ceremony last night.
I couldn’t see all of them, but I was wondering if it would be okay to hold it during this corona period, but it seems that it will definitely be a historic Olympics.

The song was great

When I thought about what kind of songs Japan would use, the opening ceremony was really game music.
Moreover, it was all that stuck in my generation such as Monster Hunter, FF, and Dragon Quest.
You didn’t realize that Monster Hunter songs were so wonderful.

I took a closer look at the opening ceremony for the first time since I got the hang of it, but there are many countries in the world (obviously).
I live in Japan and have traveled abroad for a while, but I live in various countries.

An unknown virus called corona that suddenly appeared while living such various lives was prevalent in the world, and when I saw the opening ceremony, I felt that the world might get used to one.
Of course, it wouldn’t be that easy, but I somehow felt that the faster vehicles, working styles, and foods would change in the next 1000 years.

I will pay attention to the countries I visited personally

I have been to Nepal, Bali, Czech Republic and America.
When asked what was the best, I was wondering whether it was Nepal or Bali, but Nepal left an impression on me.
Nepal is by no means a rich country.

However, Nepal is also a popular country among travelers.
There is a district called Thamel in the capital Kathmandu, where many non-locals live and many come on vacation.
When I start talking, I’ll lose my edge, so I’ll take another opportunity to talk about Nepal.
Looking at the pictures, I wanted to go more and more.

I’m sorry for all the pictures of rice, but there are many non-locals living in the Thamel area, so Japanese food and pizza are all available.
However, prices are a little high.
If you want to eat only in this Thamel area, it will cost about 10 times as much.

Nepalese curry is also delicious, though.
After all, the ingredients are fresh.
Chicken behind the shop …

I can’t feel free to travel abroad now, but I wonder if I can easily go abroad once the fashion has subsided.
When that time comes, I want to get a job where I can work anywhere in the world.

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