I want you to see it after all when you start blogging


Blog village seems to be ineffective

The other day I wrote an article I want you to see it when you start blogging.

I wrote about the participation of the blog village in that, but it seems that the evaluation from Google is not so good for the blog village, so in some cases it will be negative.
Well, this diary blog is also from the blog village, so I won’t stop it.

Besides, the number of backlinks is not so important for search now, but it seems to be good.
It’s a contradiction, but it seems that Google used to evaluate the site based on the number of backlinks a little while ago, but now it’s added, but it’s not that important.
There used to be a method called black SEO to increase the number of backlinks anyway.

It seems that articles that are better at looking at the content of the article are more likely to come to the top of the search now.
However, the number of backlinks is also a sign that the blog is trusted, so it is definitely better to have it.
Especially in the case of WordPress, I think that most of them have their own domain, so the credit seems to be 0.

So if there are some links from other sites, it seems that he is a person who can be trusted unexpectedly.

However, in the case of WordPress, I couldn’t think of anything that could only be registered in the blog village, so I searched for something.

Create a blog with a blog service and put a link

This method seems to be the best even though I made a blog with WordPress.
It seems that Ameba Blog and Hatena Blog are good, and since these two have their own communities, access to those blogs alone will increase.
It would be best if the access could be sent to WordPress, but for the time being, it seems that you should write a few articles and put a link to the WordPress blog.

One thing to keep in mind is that creating 100 blogs at the same time with this blog service and gaining access to WordPress can be a penalty.
It seems that it is better to put a link using one blog service with one service.

Twitter seems to have no effect

It seems to be the last.
At first I also wanted to collect links from Twitter, so I set up automatic posting I did, but it doesn’t seem to make much sense.
However, the more followers you have, the more people will see it, so it is effective if you want to increase the number of viewers, although it is not directly related to the search.


This is the name you hear for the first time.
What kind of service is it?
So, I actually tried using it, but it was a service that made it easy to create a website.
Well, it may be better to use this service itself to earn money, not for the purpose of collecting backlinks, but Peraichi seems to be highly evaluated by Google.
So, I’m sorry, but I was allowed to make one page.

決済や予約対応のホームページ作成が誰でも簡単、低価格 | ペライチ


When pasting a link collection on Twitter etc., it seems that the correct usage is to put together the link collection in advance and paste the thing made on this site on Twitter.
This site is also highly evaluated by Google.
I also do Twitter, so let’s make your own link collection.



This is also a site where you can create a mini page where you can publish your own links.
Japanese page? I don’t think there was one, but it’s intuitive to operate, so you can make it right away.

Linktree™ | The Only Link You'll Ever Need
Meet Linktree™, the free bio link tool used by the world’s best brands, creators and influencers.

It looks like it’s still there …

Perhaps if you look for a foreign site, you will find something similar.
For the time being, it is around here that I came up with a daddy in the search.
However, even if you find a lot, if Google realizes that it is for the purpose of collecting links, it will go down on the contrary, so let’s keep it moderate.

I’d really like to talk to an SEO professional, but I’m not sure if it’s effective, and I can’t because I can’t make any money with this blog yet.
If anyone has actually consulted with me, I would be grateful if you could tell me if it actually worked.

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