Today’s cat 2021/07/21


Hot, hot

Today's cat

If it’s hot, please do something about it

Cats are obviously hot, but they don’t like air conditioning.
If you turn on the air conditioner, it will move to a warm place.
It may be that the right temperature for cats and the right temperature for humans are different.

Today's cat

I don’t need such a ball! attitude! attitude!

The normal temperature of a cat seems to be 38 degrees.
Since it is about 2 degrees higher than humans, it may be just right to cool it about 2 degrees higher.
After that, if the cat is not good at water, I wonder if he will go into the vinyl pool.
It’s quite elegant.

Today's cat

It’s hairy in winter but it looks cold, and it looks hot in summer, so what season do cats like?
I’ll take a bath next time and take a walk outside if I can wash it properly.
Maybe you’ll be scared at first, but maybe you’ll get used to it sooner or later?

If you refuse too much, I won’t force you.

Today's cat

You’re planning on something, say it

I’d like to take you to the outside world, but what about?
I’m worried if it’s okay because fleas and insects will stick to me when I go out, but it’s okay because some cats come and go freely from outside to home. 密着! ネコの一週間 (吹替版)を観る | Prime Video
ペットとして人気のネコ。しかし、私たちは本当にネコのことを理解しているのだろうか? そこで番組ではおもしろい実験を試みる。イギリスのある村で、ペットのネコたちにGPS機能付きの首輪を装着して、1週間の行動を探るというもの。調査チームはチラシを配り、飼い主たちにボランティアを募った。そして、集まった50匹のネコ。村のあら...