I want you to see it when you start blogging


Difficult to get caught in search

I’m sorry that the update frequency has gradually decreased.
People who can write interesting articles on blogs every day may wonder if they have a broad perspective.
After that, it may be quick to write.
In my case, even today’s cat series takes nearly an hour, including shooting.
When I write the content of my study, I take screenshots while studying, so I don’t know if I’m studying or writing an article.

Originally I wrote a picture of a cat and a diary, and I started this blog with the intention of leaving memories of my life even when the day of farewell to visit someday.
So, at first I thought that no one would have to look at it, but as a result of sneaking into the cocoon forum, some people came to see it.
I thought it wasn’t necessary for anyone to see it, but I’d be happy if you could see it.

If possible, I would like to make something like a cat diary link.
The PHP framework I’m studying now hasn’t made any progress yet, but I have set the goal of creating such a site.

Tips for improving access

Since my blog itself is a lot of people if I see as many as 10 people a day, it is not convincing at all to write such a thing, but I understand that it is better to see various blogs and want to access up. I did.

Register with Google Console

It seems that everyone knows it, but I didn’t know it.
I’ve written blogs several times on various blog services, but at the time I was writing, it was used like the current SNS due to the blog boom.
So the blog service itself has a lot of functions like friend links, and is it a circle? I was able to comment on each other with people who would suit my hobbies if I entered something like this.

So even if I didn’t know how to improve access, I enjoyed blogging to some extent.

It deviated from the main subject.
Registering on the Google Console was easy with WordPress.
Access the Google console, specify the domain you want to register, place the file specified by Google on the top page of the domain, and concatenate! Press the button to complete.
A little caution is that the file that can be downloaded by Google when connecting with this method is”Honyalara.txt”, so change it to”Honyalara.html”and place it in the folder directly under the domain.

gogle ~~ is that file.
I registered with bing in the same way.

It seems that the search is mostly monopolized by Google now, but since there was also a bing console with the wp plugin, I registered it together.
Actually, bing was able to register well, but even if I send the posted article by console search, is it a multiple URL? Something was displayed and the index was created, but bing showed that search results would not be displayed, so I tried to make the URL of the blog just a number.

Even so, the display does not change, so when I emailed bing or Microsoft, I received a notification that it would be displayed properly.
I’m grateful that Microsoft works for a weak blog.

That’s why I registered with google and bing, so if you write interesting articles in the future, people may come from search.

Registration to blog ranking site

As everyone knows, the number of people who see it from the ranking site will increase, and if the number of links on your site increases, the evaluation of google will increase, and your site may be quite interesting. It was said that the display of search results will also be improved a little.

Since my site has a cat pattern and is called Hachiware, few people have registered it in the blog ranking in the first place.
I don’t know if it’s because of that, but maybe someone who likes Hachiware or someone who writes a diary of the same Hachiware cat is accessing it.

If you like, I’d like to exchange links, so please do it anytime!

By the way, I was looking at the blog ranking and there was a great site.
It’s a diary with a cat, but it’s very interesting because the diary is drawn in manga.
Unfortunately, the update seems to have stopped now, but I hope it will come back someday.


I tried two things that were obvious.
As a result, the number of viewers per day has decreased to 0! Yeah.

I think that if you start a blog with wordpress, it will become your own domain, so it seems that the situation will continue to be inaccessible for about half a year.
However, it seems that only two pages with the same domain as google are displayed in the display results, so it may be easier for your own domain to appear in the search in the future.

After that, it is easy to paste photos with wordpress (thanks to cocoon)

It’s easy to upload by clicking on the photo, and although the threshold is a little high, there are blogs that explain that area, so it’s quite a lot.
By the way, if it is the conoha wing that I use, it will be set with one click (promotion)

conoha wing

To be honest, I haven’t used other services, so I can’t compare them, but the reaction speed is fast, and the files can be directly manipulated, so it’s easy to use.

The rest is cocoon.
Most of the SEO-like things on the blog are covered by features, and there are plenty of design templates.

I don’t know a good template, but if you can do it for free, I don’t want to make it a paid template so far.
If you become a professional blogger and introduce products with cool templates, I think it will change again.
Well, I don’t think that’s the case.

After that, in terms of SEO, I think that there are several times or more characters in the text of the keyword, but for now I do not care w

I’ll keep updating it in the future, so I’d be happy if you could come and see that it’s still going on.

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