Automatically post to Twitter on WP to Twitter


Strategy to have Twitter automatically post

Until now, I’ve been posting articles on Twitter and pasting links on my own.
However, it’s a sad task because it’s an account that no one is following.
If you have many followers, your motivation may be different, but sadly you still have 0 followers …
I’ve added”#cat”to the hashtag, but I haven’t searched for it myself, so it’s probably not very effective.

Let’s post automatically on WP to Twitter

It’s quite heavy to do such sad work, so let’s have it posted automatically.
Fortunately, wordpress has an add-on that does the job for you.

This time I chose a plugin called WP to Twitter.
There was also a ★ 5 plug-in next to it, but it seems that the update frequency is higher, so I chose this one.
WP to Twitter
Looking at the menu inside …
WP to Twitter

It seems that you need a Twitter API key.
When I searched for it without knowing it well, it seems that I can register as a developer from this address.
The blog that wrote the explanation said that it was fairly easy to create, but now it seems that you can issue an API key after registering as a developer.
What is the purpose of developer registration?
It says whether to use this data elsewhere.

In my case, I want to post a wordpress article on Twitter for the time being, so I wrote that.
All descriptions are in English.
Let’s write using Google Translate.

After about a day, I received an email confirming developer registration.
Click the link in the email and you will see this screen.
You can get API keys from here.
WP to Twitter

After that, decide the name of the application and so on.
By the way, it seems that it is not good to put”twitter”in the name of the application.
I don’t know why, but the add-on side of wordpress says so, so let’s obediently follow it.

WP to Twitter

Twitter automatic posting

Twitter automatic posting

Twitter auto-post

I’m sorry, the last image finally contained”twitter”, so I changed the name from the menu screen.
Now you can get the API key and so on.

Next, I need a token, but when I was popping it, that screen came out.
Twitter auto-post

You can get access tokens here.
If you put this information in WP to Twitter earlier, it seems that you can set it.
I’m writing the article and setting it up, so I haven’t tested it yet, but if all goes well, this article should be tweeted.

For the time being, I set it up for WP to Twitter like this.
Twitter auto-post

So, there was a test button, so I thought it would work, but it didn’t work.
Since it was written in WP to Twitter that I do not have the authority of Kakikomi, I changed the following.
wordpress auto-posting machine

I was wondering if this would work, but it doesn’t work.
I found it as soon as I searched.
It seems that changing the authority will change the key and token.
Reset it …

It worked!
If you think about it, you don’t need the title of the blog, so I’ll cut it down and post it in this article.

For the time being, I will press publish.

Although there are still some parts to be fixed, he posted it automatically.

This is useful.
Now you can concentrate on your blog writing work!
(Time saving of about 1 minute)

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