Automatically post to Twitter on WP to Twitter

I used to post articles written with wordpress manually, but I would like you to post them automatically if possible.

I want to delete an empty DOM with jQuery

While wordpress is convenient, is it a mysterious behavior? Or is it normal behavior if you write HTML like this? I took the method of directly specifying the specified element and erasing it.

I want you to see it when you start blogging

I started this blog with the purpose of leaving memories of cats, but after all I wanted to see it.

Today’s cat 2021/07/21

It's been hot days, but if you notice it, it's almost August.

I want you to see it after all when you start blogging

Is the backlink collection old? However, if it is a unique domain, the credit rating is 0, so this time I tried a simple service that can create backlinks.

Olympic Games [Tokyo 2020]

I started writing about the Olympics, but I remembered the diary I had traveled to.

I tried to sell for the first time

For the first time, I was selling my skills for a fee. Of course, it hasn't sold yet, and I don't know if it will.

I’m addicted to Ameba Blog

I'm addicted to Ameba Blog. Ameba blog is fun because people can see it even if you are just starting out.

Story that does not pass Google Adsense [0 points]

It's a story that doesn't go through Google Adsense. When I received it several times in the past, I passed it easily, so I don't really understand the difference.

Let’s make a page translated by bogo [2 languages]

Let's make a translated version of your own HP using bogo. bogo is not an automatic translation tool. It will create a directory for translation.